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Enalie Jewelers offers professional jewelry repair services in Orange County. We are regarded as the area’s leading jeweler offering professional and affordable jewelry repair services. Our jewelers have over 30 years of jewelry repair experience. With decades of industry experience in watch and jewelry repairs, it’s not too surprising as to why Orange County customers have put their trust in the hands of the Mission Viejo’s premier jewelry store for all their jewelry repair needs!

Our jewelers at Enalie Jewelers have many years of experience and an avid eye for repairing broken or worn jewelry pieces. From family heirlooms to all types of jewlery gifts, our experienced jewelry technicians will get your jewelry back to looking like it is new.

Jewelry Repair Services:

  • On-Site Repairs

  • Ring Sizing

  • Ring Guard

  • Complimentary Jewelry Cleaning

  • Rhodium Finish

  • Setting Stones

  • Chain Soldering

  • Rebuild Prongs

  • Polishing

  • Chain Repairs

Ring Sizing

Do you have a ring that is too big or too small and you need it resized? We can easily resize your ring, so it fits your finger properly. We offer different options for various types of rings depending on the amount of enlargement or reduction needed.


We polish all types of precious metals from gold jewelry, silver jewelry, flatware, and even law enforcement badges.


With wear-and-tear, jewelry with gemstones or other stones can fall out with the prongs wearing, constantly hitting the ring on a hard surface or if the stone gets caught on clothing. If you find the stone, it can be reset and secured. If the stone is missing, we can match the original stone’s color, shape and size.

Chain Soldering

Depending on the style of the chain, any broken links may be fixed or soldered.

Prong Re-Tipping

Prongs over the years can wear, when this happens, the gemstone in its setting may also wear down.  It is recommended to have the prongs checked occasionally to make sure the stone doesn’t fall out and get lost. If the prongs need repair, we can easily re-tip the prongs by adding precious metal to the end of the prong to secure the stone.

Earring Post Conversions

For whatever reason, whether certain earrings are causing an allergy or because it is too heavy to wear, we can convert the earring post to make it wearable for you. An example would be converting a post into a screw-back to help keep a stone from falling out or converting it into a wire attachment.

Clasp Replacement

We replace or change clasps, or repair and solder jump rings on necklaces and bracelets.

Enalie Jewelers is the leading most trusted jewelry repair store in Orange County. If you are looking to repair broken or worn jewelry, we can make bring your jewelery back to life! If you feel your jewelry is not worth repairing, we can also give you cash for your jewelry!

For more information, give us a call at:  949-558-5585, send a message through our online chat or stop by! We look forward to serving your jewelry repair needs!