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Enalie Jewelers specializes in all varieties of engagement rings and wedding and bridal sets. Whether you are interested in one of our displayed rings or would like a customized ring to your liking, we can help turn your vision of the perfect engagement ring into reality. An engagement is a one-time special event and it can be proudly displayed in the quality, design and elegance of the ring. With over three decades of industry experience, it's no wonder Orange County locals have put their trust in Mission Viejo's top jewelry store – Enalie Jewelers.

We are acknowledged for our craftsmanship, uniqueness and designs. Proposing to your sweetheart is an important once in a life-time event, Enalie Jewelers can help make it a spectacular day for her by assisting you with the selection of the best engagement ring for her.

Enalie Jewelers offers a premier collection of, engagement rings, wedding bands, diamond settings, and loose diamonds. We will be your destination to finding exactly what you want! Because of a varied assortment of rings ranging from traditional to modern, you will have access to the nation's best bridal designs. Let our experienced diamond specialists assist you with selecting the perfect diamond and engagement ring for your bride-to-be.

Engagement Ring Diamond Shapes:

The shape of the stone refers to its appearance, and the cut is the diamonds ability to reflect light. The most common stone shapes you will notice in engagement rings include:

  • Round Diamond

  • Square Diamond (Princess and Cushion cut)

  • Marquise Diamond

  • Rectangular Diamond (Emerald, Radiant or Asscher cut)

  • Heart-Shaped Diamond

  • Oval-Shaped Diamond

  • Pear-Shaped Diamond

  • Learn more about the four C's of a diamond!

Common Engagement Ring Settings:

The most common and classic ring setting is a prong setting. A prong is a little metal claw that holds the diamond tightly in place. Prongs can be flat, rounded, pointed, or even V-shaped. The following common settings are used with a complimenting prong to highlight the diamond or gemstone.

Halo Setting

The halo setting pertains to the positioning of diamonds or other gemstones in a circle or square around the center stone. This setting will make the center stone appear larger.

Pave Setting

These diamonds are elegant and look like their surfaces have been paved with diamonds, which creates an unbroken area of sparkle. It is a beautiful setting for any engagement ring.

Channel Setting

The channel setting for an engagement ring is a setting offering a secure way to set smaller diamonds in a row flush into the band of the ring. This type of setting will create a beautiful sparkle on each side of the band while highlighting the center stone.

Cathedral Setting

The cathedral setting is one of the most classic and elegant engagement ring settings. This ring setting uses arches of metal to hold the diamond or other gemstone in place; it appears like the graceful arches of a cathedral. It is a gorgeous setting!

Solitaire Setting

The solitaire setting is the most common prong setting engagement ring featuring one diamond or other precious stone without distractions of other stones. This type of setting is ideal if you want to enhance the diamond with a matching or customized wedding band.

Enalie Jewelers will help you find or customize the finest engagement ring or bridal set. We will help you with selecting or creating a ring you will always treasure! We also have a large online collection of engagement rings to shop from. With Enalie Jewelers 30 plus years of experience, you bet you will get the best quality and designed engagement ring. Once you step foot into our store, you will leave happy with a spectacular engagement ring!

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