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Our jewelry repair in Aliso Viejo, can keep you up to status, with our in house jewelry designers in Aliso Viejo can create unique pieces of jewelry that will have you feeling and looking your best! But not only do we have the best goldsmith and jewelry designers, we also have great in house precious metals craftsmen in Aliso Viejo who are here for you with all things jewelry!

Do you know that certified GIA diamonds in Aliso Viejo are diamonds certified by the Gemological Institute of America, the World's top authority in independent third-party diamond certification? What makes them special is that GIA diamonds are examined by at least four highly trained diamond graders and gemologists to confirm their quality status. At Enalie Jewelers, we provide our customers with only the most unique Certified GIA diamonds and certified lab grown diamonds in Aliso Viejo! We are also proud to be able to provide IGI lab grown diamonds in Aliso Viejo, which are diamonds that are authenticated by the International Gemological Institute, an independent laboratory that carefully studies colored stones and jewelry, along with lab grown diamonds.

What is your partner's favorite color?

With just that information, you can create a unique piece of jewelry with fancy colored and fancy shaped diamonds in Aliso Viejo that will make the perfect personalized gift for your mother, friend, or partner. Fancy colored diamonds are known for the range of beautiful colors they come in and are perfect gifts to show your love to the special people in your life. Our fancy colored diamonds include strong hues of yellow, pink, blue, green, and more! Just contact our jewelry repairs in Aliso Viejo to begin your journey to creating beautiful pieces that you and your family can treasure forever!


Our In house jewelry designers in Aliso Viejo have unique, custom pieces that you can show off at any occasion! So next time you are out and about in beautiful Aliso Viejo, you can shine bright with your new Certified GIA and Certified lab grown diamonds. And you can be sure that what you are wearing is a one of a kind design that nobody else in the world has because it was handmade by cash for jewelry in Aliso ViejoNot only will you get the best priced diamonds in Aliso Viejo, but you will also be able to create special ornaments like personalized necklaces, rings, and earrings, by the best custom jewelers in Aliso Viejo.


Our team has the best custom jewelers in Aliso Viejo who are here to help you find the stunning jewelry for that perfect occasion. Whether you are looking for the best priced diamonds in Aliso Viejo or you want to find high quality, Certified GIA diamonds in Aliso Viejo, our licensed and experienced staff has your back! So no matter what it is you are looking for, if you want quality jewelry, IGI lab grown diamonds, fancy colored diamonds, or fancy shaped diamonds, Gillespie Jewelers is the place to go when searching for the most beautiful, quality diamonds in Aliso Viejo!