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Located on the beautiful California coast, San Juan Capistrano is bursting with history and culture. So why not match this city’s sophistication with your own personal style and taste! Enalie Jewelers is here to bring the residents of  San Juan Capistrano  top notch jewelry services including, cash for gold in San Juan Capistrano, jewelry repair in San Juan Capistrano, lab grown diamonds in San Juan Capistrano, and jewelry redesign in San Juan Capistrano. We are Orange county's number one jewelry store for all things jewelry!

Are you looking for a special gift for your loved one, there is nothing better than receiving a one of a kind piece of jewelry. Our custom designed jewelry in San Juan Capistrano is the perfect solution.  At Enalie Jewelers, we create unique pieces of jewelry designed to your personal taste and style! You dream it and we can bring it to life!

Our lab grown diamonds in San Juan Capistrano are the perfect choice for those looking for beauty on a budget! These diamonds are chemically identical to real diamonds but can be much more affordable, making them the perfect option when you are on a tighter budget! They are also a great choice when it comes to the environment because they are mining free. So why not choose the responsible, affordable option with our lab grown diamonds in San Juan Capistrano. We also specialize in Jewelry repair in San Juan Capistrano. We can repair your favorite pieces so you can make use of them again! We repair anything from old watches, bracelets, necklaces and more! We always restore your jewelry to tip top condition! So take your old pieces out of that jewelry box and come to Enalie Jewelers for the best custom designed jewelry and Jewelry repair in San Juan Capistrano.

Do you have old jewelry laying around that you don't use? Many times we keep pieces of precious jewelry for sentimental reasons but as the years go by we never end up using them. Don’t let them go to waste! You could turn in your pieces for cash for gold in San Juan Capistrano with Enalie Jewelers. We pay good money for your unwanted gold so you can get rid of the old and bring in the new! From old rings, to unused chains, coins and more, we will take what you don't want and pay you in cash! No matter the condition of your gold pieces, we will appraise it and offer you the best value for your items.

It is no wonder why Enalie Jewelers is Orange County’s number one destination for all things jewelry. We can meet all of your jewelry needs, from our Jewelry redesign in San Juan Capistrano to our cash for gold services. We make finding the perfect jewelry for your friends and family simple and fun! So look no further when considering custom designed jewelry in San Juan Capistrano.