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Lake Forest is known for its majestic country clubs, including but not limited to the Lake Forest Winter Club, the Conway Farms Golf Club, and the Onwentsia Club. Staying in line with the luxury of these clubs, the residents of Lake Forest also adorn fancy diamond jewelry.

Enalie Jewelers has been the provider of the best lab-grown diamonds in Lake Forest, offering jewelry repair, cash for gold, jewelry redesign, and other services in the region. We take pride in our 30-year-long experience in providing jewelry-related services.

Custom Designed Jewelry in Lake Forest

Not everyone likes to pick from a selection of ready-made jewels. You might have a different style or preference. Sometimes, you might want to gift something one-of-a-kind to your loved one.

In such situations, Enalie Jewelers come through with our custom jewelry redesign service in Lake Forest. Our staff listens to your vision and creates just the piece you need. In fact, our jewels have become the prized possessions of many families in Lake Forest.

Additionally, we offer jewelry repair in Lake Forest. We understand that jewelry may break or get damaged with time. But that doesn't mean you have to part ways with it. Instead, you can bring it to us, and we'll fix it for you right away!

All your old bracelets, watches, necklaces, and rings will not be wearable again. We take the best care of your jewelry, even adding new diamonds to it on your wish.

Cash for Gold Services in Lake Forest

Do you have any old jewelry that you do not want to wear anymore? Maybe you want to sell an old design and use the money to get a new one. At Enalie Jewelers, we provide the best gold for cash services in Lake Forest.

We will value the jewelry you bring to us, offer you the best price, and pay you right away. With our expertise, you can rest easy knowing you're getting the best price for your jewelry.

Looking For the Perfect Gift?

Whether you're looking for an engagement ring or the right gift for an upcoming birthday, we've got you covered. Our collection of lab grown diamonds in Lake Forest will have you spoilt for choice.

Besides, we also give you the option to add fancy shaped and fancy colored diamonds to your jewelry. Our lab grown diamonds are not only ethically-sourced but also add an aesthetic appeal to the jewels that is hard to match.

On the hunt for the best ring for your significant other? Tell our experts what you're looking for, and we'll help you find it. If we don't have what you need, we'll design it for you - problem solved.

With so many services and the utmost satisfaction guaranteed, it shouldn't be surprising that Lake Forest residents come to us for their jewelry needs. We make designing or finding the best jewelry for your needs a breeze, even if it’s your first time buying lab-grown diamonds. Come visit us today or order online!