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Enalie Jewelers specializes in all sorts of new and used jewelry and will even buy your unwanted gold, diamonds, silver and broken jewelry. When Orange County area residents are looking to sell their unwanted jewelry, they trust that they can earn top dollar from us. Whether you have old jewelry stored in a jewelry box for years or inherited your grandmother's old gold, we will offer you the most cash for it. Our jewelers are the most knowledgeable and experienced jewelers regardless if it is an old or new jewelry piece, and we will be able to appraise it and offer you the best price possible for it. Enalie Jewelers offers customers a trusted, pressure-free and fair market value environment for their unused jewelry.

In Orange County, We Will Pay You...

  • Cash for Gold

  • Cash for Silver

  • Cash for Diamonds

  • Cash for Broken Jewelry

  • Cash for Gold Coins

  • Cash for silver coins

Orange County Jewelers Will Buy Your Gold

Most people have gold lying around their homes that they no longer wear. Instead of letting it just sit around and collect dust, why not let Enalie Jewelers appraise it and purchase it from you. Currently, gold is at a record high, and now is the time to sell your gold before the market prices drop. When we appraise gold, customers end up being surprised at how much they receive from Enalie Jewelers for their unused gold.

We Buy Gold:

  • Scraps

  • Chains

  • Necklaces

  • Wedding Bands

  • Charm Bracelets

  • Old Rings

  • Class Rings

  • Earrings and Odd Earrings

  • Coins

  • And More!

We Will Buy Your Silver

Like gold, now is also the time to sell your unused silver; the market price for silver is at a record high. Enalie Jewelers will purchase your silver in any form. Do you have old sterling silver stored and haven't touched it in years or a broken sterling silver chain? Why not have it appraised so you can decide whether you want to sell it to us.

We Buy Sterling Silver:

  • Jewelry - Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Chains etc.

  • Sterling Flatware

  • Sterling Tea Sets

  • Coin Sets

  • Franklin Mint Sets

  • And More!

We Buy Most Brand Name Watches Including:

  • Rolex

  • Audemars Piguet

  • Cartier

  • Omega

  • Breitling

  • Patek Philippe

  • Chopard

  • Ulysse Nardin

  • Panerai

  • Piaget

Enalie Jewelers will buy your Diamonds

We will buy all sorts of sizes and shapes of diamonds, offering you top cash. Because diamonds are unique and have a range of types, the price is determined based on several factors which include; color and clarity, carat weight, cut and proportion, shape and marketability. One of our diamond appraisers will evaluate your piece based on those factors while you wait to find out the value of your diamond. Based on the appraisal price, you can determine whether you want to sell it to us or not.

Have Broken Jewelry? We will buy it!

Regardless of the condition of your gold or silver jewelry, we will appraise it and offer you top dollar for it. Last thing you want to do is toss your broken jewelry because you can make money from it.Just bring your broken jewelry into Enalie Jewelers, and one of our appraisers will evaluate it while you wait.

Enalie Jewelers has over three-decades of jewelry knowledge and experience. We not only sell brand new jewelry pieces, we will also purchase your jewelry pieces that you no longer use. Once you visit our Orange County jewelry store, you will leave happy cash in hand if you chose to sell your unwanted jewelry to Enalie Jewelers!