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Warning Signs That Your Jewelry Needs Custom Jewelry Repair

  • August 21, 2023
  • Posted By : Anish
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Have you noticed that your jewelry's sparkle is gradually fading? It could be an indication that your jewelry requires urgent attention from experts specializing in custom jewelry repair.  We all share the desire to maintain the timeless beauty of our jewelry. Discolored or broken jewelry might indicate a need for repair, depending on the cause. Few people might refrain from repairing things, thinking about the costs they have to pay. But one needs to worry, as we at Enalie Jewelers are here to offer you the premier repairing services at the best price. However, talking about the warning signs of the jewelry, let's read further about those.

1.Loose Stones Or Settings

A red alert moment for you if you notice the loose gemstone in your jewelry. You can keep it safely in a bag before a mishap like losing jewelry happens. Moreover, if you notice the jewelry around the gemstone is short, bent, or broken, you need to send it to us for a checkup. We will ensure that it fits perfectly.

2.Frayed Or Broken Chains

If you are a parent and play with toddlers, you must know how much kids love to play with the chains. The interlocking parts might weaken and need the expert's attention. Chains can get stuck in your dress and break. If you doubt whether it is fine, you can send it to us, as we offer golden jewelry repair

3.Dull Or Scratched Gemstones

Sometimes, when the jewelry comes in contact with other metals, it loses its shine. While if we talk about the scratches, it can be caused due to dirt or sand. Or maybe the jewelry came into contact with the harsh chemicals. The dull color of the ornament can be a sign to send it for repair.

4. Snapped Or Bent Prongs

Prongs are tiny metal claws that hold gemstones in place within jewelry. If broken or loose, the jewelry might lose its main piece: the gemstone. In fact, with the use of it over time, the prongs might flatten. Besides, if you check your prongs with your naked eyes, you might not be able to see them. Take professional help for custom jewelry repair.

5.Unusual Tarnishing Or Allergic Reactions

Sometimes, people experience unusual allergies in their piercings or other parts of the body due to the jewelry. If you are experiencing the same, you can send your jewelry to us. We will coat your ring with chemicals that will act as a shield to protect your skin while keeping in mind not compromising the quality of the jewelry. 

6.Changes In Jewelry Fit

The changes in the fit of rings or bracelets could signify issues like metal fatigue or structural changes. If your case is the same, then reach out to the experts. If you address the concern, you might face the deterioration of the jewelry.

Stop Into Enalie Jewelers!

As discussed above, these indicators serve as vital cues that warrant your attention when it comes to your precious jewelry. However, it's important to note that even if your jewelry doesn't display any apparent signs of wear, undergo a thorough inspection at Enalie Jewelers. It is a proactive step to ensure its longevity. Regular assessments of your jewelry are imperative, particularly for pieces you wear daily. Our team of seasoned experts is readily available to help you preserve the exquisite allure of your ornaments.

Beyond offering bespoke custom jewelry repair services, we take pride in introducing our collection of lab grown earrings, rings, and an array of other meticulously crafted products. Delve into our website to glean further insights into our offerings and expertise. At Enalie Jewelers, we are not just committed to maintaining the splendor of your jewelry; we're dedicated to crafting moments of enduring beauty.

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